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Custom Dynamics is a systems engineering and operations consultancy dedicated to helping companies and products scale and grow to their full potential.

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Does your product or company's websites, apps, and design reflect your brand identity? Let us create a stunning presence in both digital and physical spaces for your product.


Is your product reaching all possible market segments? Are there potential vectors and opportunities you haven't considered? We can help answer these questions.


Do your business processes effectively and efficiently deliver value to the customer? We can help identify pain points, automate workflows and get you back in the driver seat.

YMIR Managed Domain Services

Our enterprise managed services suite includes all the infrastructure you need to get your business up and running.

  • Use Your Own Device

    Our services are completely device agnostic, and can work on almost any platform: Android, IOS, Windows, OSX, or Linux.

  • Enterprise Grade Encryption

    Keep sensitive company data private with secured email and enforced device encryption. Lost devices can be remotely wiped.

  • Architecture Ready to Innovate

    While remaining cost effective in the startup phase YMIR systems are ready to scale and automate, so your product can grow without the pains.

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YMIR, whats included?

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  • Domain Registration

    Register a custom domain with Google Domains.

  • Name Servers & Certificates

    Use Google's best in class name servers to host resource records. Point your domain to your website and services. Register encryption certificates to validate your identity online.

  • Website Hosting With Friendly CMS

    Site hosting can be a tricky pain, let us make it easy for you with a point and click content management system.

  • GSuite for Email, Calendar, Storage

    Google's GSuite for Business enables Gmail, Calendar, and Drive services for your domain.

  • Insync File Management

    Insync is a one-of-a-kind file sync software that keeps files on your device in sync with the cloud.

  • Microsoft Azure AD & Google MDM

    Azure AD and MDM manage passwords, track and wipe lost devices, and enforce encryption to keep data secure.

  • Cisco Meraki Managed Networks

    As a Cisco Partner we can provision and manage Cisco Meraki hardware to remotely manage threats on local networks, and seamlessly integrate with PaaS providers such as GCloud, AWS, and Azure.

  • Emergency Service and Support

    We're on call 24/7 to respond to any equipment/software failures and incidents. Our goal is to keep you working and eliminate downtime.

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Engineer Your Future with BROKKR Development Services

With years of experience integrating on various platforms, we can build fluent operational infrastructure that does more with less. From hardware design, to cloud services, and app development, we can meet your technology needs. Enterprise grade reliability doesn't have to bear enterprise grade costs.

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Curious about blockchain and how it can apply your business? We can help!

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